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ABBA Pro Sky Lift Package

ABBA Pro Sky Lift Package
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Prijs: € 699,00
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Model: PSLP
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Product Details for the Pro Sky Lift Package

This package combines the Sky Lift, Technicians kit and a common range of bobbin and Hub adapters so the Sky Lift can be used in a workshop on over 350+ different motorcycles.

The Sky Lift is a motorcycle work bench and stand all in one... You will not be restricted when working under a motorcycle as you would with a workbench, both wheels can (individually) be raised higher off the ground than most standard bench's and above all else you can push the bike around freely whilst elevated anywhere in your workshop. When not in use the lift takes up a fraction of the space of a conventional bench.

No other stand, lift, jack or bench will enable more work to be carried out on a motorcycle than the abba Sky Lift. You can remove the fairings, wheels, forks, shock, engine and even the swing arm with our Swing arm Removal kit. In fact, every last nut bolt and washer can be dismantled down to leaving the bare frame attached to the lift.

  • NEW - Upgraded for 2017. The Technicians kit now has 36 separate fittings to adapt the Sky Lift to fit over 350+ models of motorcycle. Fits motorbikes from the early 1980's through to brand new current models!
  • NEW - Now supplied with our 3rd generation hydraulic ram. The new internals of our latest ram, combined with the foot pedal operation mean the lifting speed is around 40% faster than shown in some of our original videos. It now only takes around 35 seconds to lift to max height!

This package contains:

ABBA Sky Lift
ABBA Technicians Kit
ABBA Bobbin and Hub-adapters
6mm, 8mm, 10mm bobbin adapters supplied as well as four hub spindles suitable for most common Triumph, Honda and Ducati single sided swing arm motorcycles.

LET OP:  als u de Sky-lift bezorgd wil hebben dan komt deze rechtstreeks uit Engeland. De levertijd is meestal 4-5 werkdagen, en de verzendkosten zijn 30 Euro.

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ABBA Pro Sky Lift Package
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ABBA Pro Sky Lift Package
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ABBA Pro Sky Lift Package
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ABBA Pro Sky Lift Package
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ABBA Pro Sky Lift Package
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